Hear a slice of the incredible LEVITATION CULT right now.

Levitation Cult is a track from the "Deep-Raved!" CD. Click here to see the Levitation Cult lyrics. Description: fast and frantic... play this loud ... intentionally light and floofy parody of dark death cults like Waco and Hale-Bopp; it's got middle eastern poly-rhythyms and irony out the wazoo

Other slices from Skuzzy Cable's "Deep-Raved!" CD:

Like Paul Gauguin (real audio)
Gauguin slice in MP3
click here for Gauguin song lyrics
Description: pulsing electronica; a complex blancmange of samples, beats, psychedelic guitar, mindblowing bass, vocals, searing guitar all throbbing ideas...

the gotham city blues (real audio)
Gotham slice in MP3
click here for Gotham song lyrics
Description: television-esuq muzza-chunkiness; guitar riffing reminiscent of Talking Heads; electronica a la harder eno; very danceable beat;
vocals like Ian Curtis of Joy division meets Jim Morrison

The Now Subterranean (real audio)
Now Subterranean song lyrics
Description: if the Velvet Underground was around today doing
raves it might sound like this

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Like many bands, SKUZZY CABLE objects to having its music ghetto-ized, categorized, amortized. We are artists ... We make music ... We don't confine what we do ... we're not stuck in any one genre shithole. We detest how music has become dominated by the industry ... to the point where every piece of music is categorized and placed in one marketing hole or another. Don't you realize this balkanization of music into separate compartmentalized "scenes" is counterproductive?

We make music we like and write songs we believe in. If you think that's strange or unusual that's your problem. So check it out for yourself sometime, but do it before you lose the chance.


A dash of Talking Heads No-Wave rock, a bit of acid jazz, some fripp/ eno style trance, a few pounding psychedelic guitars, a taste of john-travoltas-in-the-disco-style dance, front line assembly-ish electro-industrial, blown out and haunted Doors and Ian Curtis type vocals, madcap, complex, often funny samples.... take those styles, weave them together and you get . . .

"Shuzzy Cable?" NO, SKUZZY CABLE! "Skuzzy Who?" Skuzzy CABLE. "Fuzzy Navel?" Naw, Skuzzy Cable. "Aesops Fables?" SKUZZY CABLE!

confusing, amusing, surprising ... Skuzzy Cable is ... hard to categorize. Industry geeks tend to label it industrial rock, but that's oversimplifying. The music and the message continue to travel, continue to unravel.

We're flying in the face of all your straightlace, "KEEPIN IT SURREAL!"

Here are the 2 essential "packets" ... delivered by SKUZZY CABLE:
  1. It's the ARTISTRY, stupid!  SKUZZY CABLES a group of artists, first and foremost. Not BUSINESSMEN Not TEENAGE BOYS Not Trendy NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK N SYNC BRITNEY FUCKIN QUEER. GOt it? We don't give a fuck about your disposable trend de jour. We were here before they were here and we will be here long after they're gone.

  2. ANd, we have a MESSAGE!  Yes, we have a message - you can take it or leave it! But the truth is, nobody tells it like SKUZZY CABLE!
    and remember, we're "KEEPIN' IT SURREAL!"


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