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Well now, what's going on here? It is art rock? Post-punk? Surreal? Experimental? Maybe all those, and more. If you could liquify the essence of Ansel Adams and stir it in a chaser with Captain Beefheart and 1961-Greenwich-Village-era Dylan, you might get the same flavor in these songs.

Welcome to Sepulveda and Wilder's music, where all kinds of characters emerge for real.  Here, surreal wit and humor sit – with monster chops, laid back cool, and Euromance musicianship.

  • Sepulveda and Wilder Music
  • Sepulveda and Wilder Music

New Songs - For Download

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  • 1. Cliffside Hovering Pelicans
  • 2. Beyond Materialismo
  • 3. Corporados on a Treadmill
  • 4. Hip Store Beacon
  • 5. Hothead Admiral Brickover
  • 6. Through The Center of This Summer's Golden Glow Tunneling