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Well now, what's going on here? It is art rock? Post-punk? Surreal? Experimental? Depends. If you could liquify the essence of Ansel Adams and stir it in a chaser with Captain Beefheart and 1961-Greenwich-Village-era Dylan, you might get the flavor in these songs.

Welcome to Sepulveda and Wilder's music, where all kinds of strange characters emerge.  Here, surreal wit and humor meet laid back, Euromance musicianship.

  • Sepulveda and Wilder Music
  • Sepulveda and Wilder Music

Rob Lane Wilder - New Tracks

Wilder's Beat, Punk, & Surrealist Poetic Pranks for Dec. 2018

By the Founding Father of Fauxbrow – Music and Fun-Filled Literature:

Like Salvator Dali sporting a trench coat, dreamed inside of a faceless head. Wilder's mercurial and ephemeral. Here for the wink of an eye, then he'll be gone forever. Only his fauxbrow bits will remain.
Catch this wild ride while you can...

  • 1. Not Dead Yet
  • 2. Baby Obsesso (Sound Clip)
  • 3. Doofy Larry Likes Liposuction (sound clip)
  • 4. Kennebec Boombox
  • 5. Mordant Mister Hilla Dilla (sound clip)
  • 6. Heroic Joe
  • 7. No New Yawk School Wires (Sound Clip)
  • 8. My Heart Haywire Careens

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