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    Liveworld screenshot

    LiveWorld, Inc.- Silicon Valley.  Full time staff -UI Engineer for Social Networking/Web 2.0 content. For this 75-person, leading web 2.0 / social networking B2B service provider, engineered and developed, cross-browser tested W3C compliant web pages and UI components for a variety of high profile consumer brands, each with heavily trafficked websites. Client list included American Express, E-Bay, HBO, Kraft, Verizon, Neutrogena, HSBC, TJMaxx, NBA, Marshalls, Kodak, Campbells Soup, BBC. Made changes and improvements daily to JSPs, writing inline Java, CSS, HTML/ XML, JavaScript (including Tiny MCE, Dojo and Scriptaculous frameworks), AJAX. Coded in BBEdit, frequently used Perforce CMS, PhotoShop, Illustrator. Collaborated with teams in Design, Engineering, Business Development, and with Project Managers on daily basis.
    • Served as in-house CSS expert on a fast-paced 20+ person engineering team
    • Engineered and implemented front end overhauls to six Java-driven sites that required skinning the corporate website. Each skin exhibited very different and entirely distinctive designs while still building on the same Jive-enhanced back end. Implemented features that included memberships, subscriptions, and sophisticated, full-featured, rich content web community
    • Used Bug Tracker software on daily basis to interact with QA and other developers, personally processed or closed on average between 30-50 different bugs and development issues a week
    • Hand-coded web UI content and automated coding tasks using BBEdit; implemented changes to client skins as well as main corporate website for review by Community or Project Managers; with each monthly release, dozens of my CSS, JSP, JavaScript and HTML UI fixes were made organic to the company's flagship product
    • Performed system admin functions from the command line on a routine basis, compiling up to a half dozen local builds a day. Routinely performed site wide content pushes to staging and production servers. Used custom Perl deploy and file search commands, added customizations to bash shell
    • Used cool tools and add-ons Firebug and IE Developer Toolbar to parse the DOM tree, test and insert CSS, and increase productivity
    • Used Parallels and Cross Over in Tiger to test code changes in IE 6 & 7
    • Modified, compiled, tested inline java in a wide variety of social networking and rich content oriented JSPs. Parsed class and java files with JGrasp

    Knowledge Learning Corporation screenshot

    Knowledge Learning Corporation - San Rafael, CA. This company is the largest provider of child care services in the U.S. Provided web design using PhotoShop, Illustrator, Image Ready, Visio, HTML, DHTML, Flash MX, Dreamweaver, JavaScript, CSS. Interfaced with executive management, designers and marketing teams to gather and document requirements. Built web based applications in Cold Fusion, MySQL and PHP.
    • Gathered requirements, made workflow and procedural recommendations to senior level management that cut costs, eliminated errors and maximized productivity
    • Executed time-saving actions, image optimization and batch processing in PhotoShop
    • Used Visio to make flowcharts of web applications, used PhotoShop to comp look-and-feel of web pages, hand-coded HTML and DHTML using HomeSite and Dreamweaver, built wireframes
    • Used action scripting to build virtual tour of a typical daycare facility, in Flash MX
    • Used CSS absolute and relative positioning of text and images to style corporate website
    • Integrated Mapquest proprietary Oracle-based CGI into corporate website, allowing users to create custom maps to over 1200 company locations
    • Used DHTML and JavaScript to build dynamic drop down menu and navigation system
    • Used JavaScript to validate forms across browsers and platforms; created JavaScripts to dynamically render Mapquest proprietary output and to geographically direct e-mail auto responses; used JavaScript for page redirects, form validators, browser sniffers, time & datestamps, pop-ups
    • Used Cold Fusion to build form-based e-mail application and to build interface-driven content management system, which enabled non-technical users to update web content; wrote SQL queries and created MySQL database using PHP admin panel
    • Optimized meta tags sitewide and validated code in order to place higher in search engines; submitted site to over 3,000 search engines; opened and administered Google Adwords and Overture P-P-C accounts, effectively increasing site traffic by over 33%
    • Wrote technical documentation for proprietary software; instructed other developers on how to code and produce corporate website; instructed non-technical users on the use of Cold Fusion-based content management system which I built for this firm

    BarnesandNoble screenshot

    Barnes & Noble.com - New York, New York. This was an .ASP site, daily rotating content through VB-scripts. As Consulting Engineer on the Barnes & Noble web team, produced content updates and changes for a sitewide re-design.

    • Designed and optimized web UI graphics in PhotoShop, ImageReady and Illustrator (animations, banners, buttons, logos etc.)
    • Used proprietary Java tool for batch processing and code rendering; integrated proprietary tags into HTML; reconfigured ASP and VB-scripts as required
    • Designed and hand-coded wireframes and HTML templates.
    • Hand-coded HTML and DHTML, wrote CSS stylesheets to blend look and feel with branding and corporate messaging, and performed QA across browsers and platforms in intensely deadline-driven environments


    America Online screenshot

    America Online - San Rafael, CA. Working in partnership with AOL staff members located in Virgina, and while acting webmaster at Knowledge Learning Corporation, provided web design to AOL Childcare division, using PhotoShop, Illustrator, Image Ready, Visio, HTML, Dreamweaver, JavaScript, CSS.

    • Prototyped, designed and built entire AOL website from scratch
    • Interfaced with executive management, IT staff and marketing teams to gather and document requirements; made workflow and procedural recommendations to senior management that cut costs, eliminated errors and maximized productivity
    • Used Visio to make flowcharts of web applications, used PhotoShop to comp look-and-feel of web pages, hand-coded HTML using HomeSite and Dreamweaver, built wireframes
    • Used CSS absolute and relative positioning of text and images to style corporate website
    • Used JavaScript to build rollovers and image caching into navigation system
    • Used JavaScript for page redirects, form validators, browser sniffers, time & datestamps, pop-ups
    • Optimized meta tags sitewide and validated code in order to place higher in search engines
    • Instructed other developers on how to code and update this website

    Kana Corporation screenshot

    Kana Corporation - Menlo Park, CA. Onsite Webmaster for this high powered Silicon Valley B2B, CRM software developer. Team leader responsible for all corporate internets, intranets, extranets, support sites, corporate Asia Pacific, Japan, and European sites.

    • Created, coded, and posted content to multiple corporate websites; both in Windows NT / IIS environment and in C-shell UNIX / Apache / JSP / Broadvision. Performed daily site administration functions
    • Gathered site requirements from all VPs and department heads; built them into company intranet using Visual Interdev running Windows 2000 / ASP / SQL. Using ASP and SQL, built multi-tiered, object-oriented system for serving personalized content based on permissions and authentication. Installed interface-based content management system. Roll-out from concept to fully functioning corporate intranet took 8 weeks. Result increased company-wide intranet use by over 250%, saving money by eliminating redundant effort companywide
    • Completed tens of thousands of content changes to multiple corporate internets and extranets. Corporate internet contained over 1,000 pages of user-facing HTML; marketing required substantial modifications to all of these pages during three major front- and back- end facelifts. All of these site overhauls were completed successfully, with zero interruption of service


    Keepmedia Corporation screenshot

    KeepMedia - Redwood Shores, CA. For this 30-person online news and media startup, designed and developed cross-browser tested, W3C compliant web pages and UI components using CSS, HTML, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Image Ready, HomeSite. Collaborated with teams in Design, Engineering, Marketing, Business Development, and with Product Managers on daily basis.

    • Designed and implemented changes to web UI that enhanced and improved the user experience. Consulted at all levels of company to help advance UI. Implemented features that included memberships, subscriptions, and sophisticated web community; helped increase traffic and site stickiness by 20%
    • Used PhotoShop to mock-up look-and-feel of web pages for review by Project Managers
    • Hand-coded sitewide CSS and HTML using HomeSite; designed and implemented new UI templates and CSS/HTML mockup pages for review by Project Managers; after review, my modular CSS and HTML presentation layers were then integrated into the corporate website's mix of JSP, PHP and AJAX
    • Used Bugzilla on daily basis to check in, track and fix bugs


    Cairo screenshot

    Cairo.com - San Francisco, CA. Designed and developed fast loading, cross-browser tested W3C compliant web pages and UI components using CSS, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Image Ready, HTML, HomeSite, JavaScript. Worked with Marketing, Product Management and Engineering teams on daily basis. Consulted with company founder, VP of Marketing, and VP of Engineering to gather specs and requirements. Analyzed Webtrends reports and web metrics, made presentations to executive level of company.

    • Hand-coded JSPs, Java tag files using Eclipse & HomeSite; designed JSTL templates; compiled Java-based builds from Unix Command Line
    • Designed and implemented complete overhaul to web UI that greatly improved usability and user experience, reducing # of user mouse clicks
    • SEO optimized entire website, increasing page rankings; planned and built landing pages, designed and implemented multiple A/B tests
    • Optimized and cleaned up code and images, streamlined and maximized server performance, made pages load fast
    • Created dynamic B2C look-and-feel that integrated the company's proprietary Java tag library system; enabled UI to deliver complex data manipulations on-the-fly
    • Used PhotoShop to comp look-and-feel of web pages, hand-coded HTML and DHTML
    • Used CVS content management system on daily basis to check in and check out site builds; worked closely with entire in-house development and QA staff
    • Built wireframes for review by Product Management and Marketing; completely coded, rendered, and QA'd JSP pages and Java Tag files across browsers and platforms, then implemented; used Bugzilla to track bugs
    • Worked closely with project managers to deliver components on time, helped write technical specifications and PRD documentation
    • Used Flash, PhotoShop and ImageReady to design landing pages and ad banners, both static and animated
    • Collaborating closely with in-house marketing team, designed (and coded) dozens of landing pages custom-tailored to specific niche-markets

    Phonic Ear screenshot

    Lexisfm.com - Petaluma, CA. PDR built this SQL-driven Cold Fusion site from a spec given by the company, Phonic Ear. Phonic Ear is a 40-year old firm that manufactures hearing aids and distributes them internationally. This informational website describes one of their latest products and gives sales and marketing people worldwide the ability to easily sort through thousands of products and retreive specific product info on each. As Web Developer, was given latitude to architect SQL back end and Cold Fusion middle layer; the company's marketing team had final word on the front end design and they were responsible for the site look and feel.

    • Used combination of Cold Fusion and JavaScript to build multi-tiered, dependent, dynamically populated drop down menus
    • Wrote JavaScripts to loop through and appropriately display dynamic data; wrote form validation scripts
    • In addition the public facing website, built a password protected content management application using Cold Fusion. This sister application made it possible for non-technical users to maintain and dynamically populate the website's drop down menus, by giving them write access to the SQL database. Application also automatically sent e-mail notifications to a designated list
    • Executed time-saving actions, image optimization and batch processing in PhotoShop
    • Used PhotoShop to comp look-and-feel of web pages, hand-coded HTML and DHTML using HomeSite and Dreamweaver, built wireframes
    • Used CSS absolute and relative positioning of text and images to style corporate website
    • Maintained CFMX web server; wrote DSNs


    NBCi screenshot

    Liquid Market- Los Angeles, CA. Liquid Market was a technology startup whose goal was to go public or else sell the company. I served as Webmaster and Senior Web Designer. Five months after I built the UI for their flagship web based application and corporate websites, the company was bought by NBC-TV for 25 million dollars. Interfacing with the programming team and marketing team, I helped company identify and implement best practices for both front-end and back-end development.

    • Used stylesheets and CSS to make layout and look changes sitewide through absolute and relative positioning of text and graphics
    • Prototyped and designed corporate website. Worked closely with CEO to gather website requirements
    • Created composites of web layouts, company logos, and achieved integration of corporate brand and identity into website using PhotoShop, Illustrator, Quark, Visio
    • Performed extensive QA of websites across various browser and platform configurations; corrected or modified text or graphics as necessary
    • Streamlined navigation to make it more intuitive, maximize ease-of-use and improve user experience
    • Produced pixel-precise image optimization and clean HTML code in order to reduce time of page loads; optimized graphics and ensured page loads were no more than 15-20 seconds on a 56K modem
    • Increased efficiency and productivity by using PhotoShop actions to batch process thousands of images to smallest possible size while insuring zero quality loss
    • Produced company logos, consulted with marketing to optimally integrate their desired B2B and B2C branding into website
    • Integrated SQL and Java -based Liquid Market proprietary search engine technology into fast-loading custom templates
    • Used CVS content management system to manage versioning
    • Wrote text, coded and built easy-to-use HTML-based documentation and online help system

    Fox screenshot

    Fox News and Tv Guide - TvGen.com - New York, New York. As Consulting Engineer for TvGen.com, which was part of Fox broadcasting, performed HTML coding and page production. This was an ASP site with a high volume of daily rotating content.

    • Hand-coded UI wireframes and HTML
    • Used proprietary Java based tool for batch processing files and rendering code; integrated with ASP pages; re-engineered content for the popular X-Files page as part of a sitewide re-design
    • Prototyped templates, performed unit testing, cross browser and cross platform QA. Performed large amount of daily updates in intense, deadline-driven environment


    Intesol screenshot

    Intesol Corporation- Long Beach, CA. Acted as Senior Developer for this internet startup division of consulting firm J.D. Edwards.

    • Gathered website requirements with CEO and senior level staff; helped write spec for site redesign
    • Used PhotoShop and Illustrator to create company logo and brand, incorporated brand into PhotoShop comps
    • Designed web interface; with PhotoShop comp signed off by CEO, hand coded wireframes and HTML templates
    • Trained non-technical staff to make their own content updates. Designed web pages with clear commenting so that text could be easily modified and updated by non-technical users
    • Designed and optimized banners, buttons and graphics in Illustrator, Photoshop, and Image Ready for fastest possible load time
    • Wrote JavaScripts to enable image caching, rollovers, time and date stamps, navigation.

    KPR screenshot

    KPR Advertising - an Omnicom Company - kprny.com- New York, New York. As Senior Web Designer working onsite at this 200-employee Omnicom Ad Agency, played lead role in developing this firm's first ever corporate website.

    • Gathered requirements and wrote website spec working together with KPR creative team
    • Prototyped many design ideas, produced web comps using PhotoShop, Illustrator
    • Produced hand-coded HTML wireframes and templates
    • Structured the user experience to provide easy access to the many client samples on the site, maximizing interactivity and intuitive feel
    • Wrote JavaScripts to randomize portfolio buttons, created rollovers and image caching to streamline page loads
    • Used Perl script to capture user form data, format it and send to appropriate staff via e-mail
    • Using a combination of Photoshop, Fireworks, and Illustrator, created high end, web optimized animated sequences to show off company product
    • Trained non-technical staff to deliver content updates

    Martindale-Hubbell screenshot

    BMG screenshot

    Organic.com - New York, New York.  As Consulting Content Engineer for this burgeoning Silicon Alley agency, hand coded HTML, engineered templates for e-commerce sites and shopping carts. 

    • Coded pixel-precise webpage interfaces for BMG Music, Martindale-Hubbell legal publishers, and for Gateway according to exacting spec; interacted onsite with team of producers and project manager
    • Produced shopping cart templates for BMG Music
    • Produced online catalog pages for Gateway
    • Created flowcharts and storyboards, streamlined navigation and improved usability
    • Built UI graphics including banners, ads, and webpage comps using PhotoShop, Illustrator; optimized UI components in ImageReady for faster page loads
    • Hand-coded HTML and DHTML, wrote CSS stylesheets for font formatting and styling, enhanced branding and corporate messaging
    • Performed and documented QA across browsers and platforms in often deadline-driven environments

    http://www.bmg.com, http://www.lawyers.com, and http://www.gateway.com.

    NTRS screenshot

    Northern Trust Inc. - Chicago, IL.   As Consulting Content Engineer, reported to account executive and worked with team of developers.

    • Hand coded HTML and produced web interface components to re-design this large financial and banking site
    • Batch processed content from disparate applications, such as PageSpinner, Quark, ClarisWorks, MS-Word, and Simple Text
    • Used BBEdit to perform HTML edits and produce templates according to Northern Trust's detailed corporate design spec 


    Progressive Strat screenshot

    Progressive Strategies - New York, New York.  Served onsite as Consulting Senior Web Producer.

    • Designed and produced 40-page business site from concept to completion
    • Worked closely with Marketing Director and IT Department to gather requirements
    • Used PhotoShop and Illustrator to create web interface and branding according to elaborate design spec, selected appropriate stock photos, retouched and stylized photos using PhotoShop and Debabelizer Pro
    • Hand-coded HTML wireframes; rendered HTML web pages, performed QA across browsers and platforms
    • Applications used: PhotoShop, HomeSite, JavaScript, Perl, Debabelizer, WS-FTP

    http://www. progstrat.com.

    USTA screenshot

    USTA screenshot

    United States Tennis Association- White Plains, New York.  Consulting Web Designer for this 100+ year old sports association, the sponsor of the US Open.

    • Contracted to redesign flagship website in time for large usage spike during the US Open. Therefore, all web work was deadline driven; modifications accomplished well in advance of deadline.
    • Worked closely with Marketing Director and gathered requirements to forge a new look and feel
    • Integrated modifications to the web interface to work seamlessly with search functionality and with e-commerce area and shopping cart
    • Apps used included PhotoShop, Corel Draw, Front Page, Debabelizer, Illustrator, HomeSite, PowerPoint and GIF Animator
    • Integrated Java applets and modified their parameters using HomeSite
    • Architected an extensive image library, engineered and produced animations using Corel Draw
    • Created elaborate PowerPoint slideshow that profiled top tennis stars
    • Produced webmaps and JavaScript rollovers


    Earthweb screenshot

    Earthweb, Inc.- New York, New York.  Consulting Web Designer for Earthweb's developer.com and developerdirect.com brands.

    • Consulted closely with senior level marketing staff and re-designed company branding
    • Publicly traded Earthweb incorporated my design ideas into the developer.com brand and used them for a period of three years
    • Produced animated banners, ads, and other UI graphics using PhotoShop and Illustrator
    • Color corrected graphics and web components to match Earthweb's branding; optimized GIFs using Debabilizer


    Music Direct screenshot

    Music Direct.com - New York, New York.  Contracted as QA Engineer, performed thousands of web page modifications to this large e-commerce B2C site in a highly deadline driven environment.

    • Performed thorough QA and unit testing
    • Using HomeSite global replace functionality, corrected thousands of machine-facing, dynamically generated cross-browser incompatibilities and layout errors
    • Effectively prepared entire site release (over 500 dynamically generated pages) to go live all within a single day


    Execu-Search screenshot

    Execu-Search - New York, NY. Served as Consulting Content Engineer for this executive search firm.

    • Consulted with inhouse account executive to gather requirements; improved and enhanced website architecture and navigation
    • Cleaned up flawed HTML left by prior developers; produced fast loading HTML templates using BBEdit
    • Modified Perl scripts in order to render database content according to new corporate requirements
    • Modified web graphics and UI components using PhotoShop and Illustrator
    • Produced animated GIFs that enhanced branding using GIF Builder
    • Devised a more efficient naming convention for all site files, improved ease-of-use for other developers


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