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humorous poetry #28: hip-store beacon

for john gatto, once upon a time in port jefferson

"crazy johnnie gumbo"
©2008 Fauxbrow Guerilla Films.
     exceptional to be around
his mind and spirit oscillating
      this completely cosmic persons
          conversations fascinating

          pseudo faux felliniesque
tongue-in-cheekster i befriended
     artist of impressive stature
          crazy johnnie gumbo

brother louie down in d.u.m.b.o.1
     quietly explaining how
          unshakably outspoken
     fauxbrow fan of frank n furter2

          rippling hippy mumbo jumbo
     (crazy johnnie gumbo)
morphed into some off-beat
     design dude in colorado

wandering port jeff at night
     approximating frank lloyd wright
          a' sculpturing this kool aid jing
               feverishly architecting

          hoisting freak flag high above
     a twinkly crested iwo jima
long before nick zedd and lungleg
     came to burst upon the scene-ah3

          this sweet heathbar crunch james dean
     a trumpet blast of day-glo green
intimating quality
     a store front he built up with care

up main street p.j.l.i.
     surprising goodness
          happened there

mounds of turkish apricots
     adriatic figs dates apple rings & raisins
          piled high on pine wood shelves
               jars of honey jam preserves

          almonds cashews walnuts
     all sold by the pound
past the barley baskets
      beans & sacks of flour

          in the dim lit back room
     vibrant atmospheric music
          mozart and vivaldi
               john the faccia in the front

          chatting with me fitfully
     at closing time i came to know
this outrageous architect
     community-concerned & caring
          crazy johnnie gumbo

lilliputians pacing teensy floors
     their furtive cheeks aglow
          fashioning this cartoon toast
               a fancy-free memoriam to
                    crazy johnnie gumbo

1d.u.m.b.o. = down under manhattan bridge overpass

2frank n. furter: the drag queen dr. frankenstein played by tim curry in the rocky horror picture show
3nick zedd and lungleg: 1980s new york gutter punk film icons

© 2008-2009 by KC wilder

poet KC Wilder edgy surrealist postmodern

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'#28: hip-store beacon' READER COMMENTS

Interesting but I'd like to see more comments.
-Megan Pardee, 2007-02-23 18:48:44
Very nice and stunning picture
-Maxx100, 2009-10-11 07:25:34
That was pretty good, actually. ,
-BadGirl75, 2009-11-10 10:14:34
Touche. Sound arguments. Keep up the great work.| ww.mwhittlephoto.com/
-UGG - mwhittlephoto, 2014-02-10 08:18:08
This KC Wilder | #28: hip-store beacon | alt history of port jefferson | kcwilder.com I like very much.
-retro jordan 4, 2013-06-04 09:11:45

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