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FauxBrow ... now showing selected work from KC Wilder's book.

Wilder is currently looking for a suitable publishing contract for his latest book. Interested book publishers may inquire here.

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Fauxbrow (pronounced fo-brow) is a term amalgamated from the newbrow art movement of today and the fauve painting movement of one hundred years ago. Both movements have in common a forward-looking idealism and a tendency toward revolutionary style. Both movements have at their center a respect for nature and a distrust for the prevailing trends of crass commercialism.

Fauxbrow is inspired by an endless barrage of miraculous phenomenon, including:

  • the independent spirit and experimental theatricality of Orson Welles ca. 1930s-40s, Lenny Bruce ca. 1960s, Lester Bangs ca. 1970s.
  • the pure playfulness and ingenious musicality of Ted Geisel
  • the expansive social concern and incisive wit of Allen Ginsberg ca. 1955
  • the delivery of Ted Abernathy's sinkerball ca. 1970s
  • an Emersonian regard for transcendant nature
  • the feeling of boundless dream energy propagated by Emily Dickinson, Rod Serling, Jackson Pollock
  • the irreverence, wit and original flair of British TV ca. 1960s - Secret Agent, The Avengers, Monty Python
  • Charles Beaudelaire, Herman Hesse, Ambrose Bierce, Fred Nietzsche, Richard Dyer-Bennet, Pablo Neruda, the timeless western shamanism of Bukowski & Bob Dylan
Be forewarned if you choose to continue, the choice to continue is YOURS.

"Noone Sees" video - words by KC Wilder, music by Anthony Sepulveda and Alla, ©2008 Fauxbrow Guerilla Films.

for the artist it doesn't matter what kind of artist, cud be a suicidal artist cud be an ass kissing resume toting culsterfuck for all anybody cares we're only short time conscious in this universe anyway who luvs ya baby you must be uh ... F'ARTisTe. 

for nature lovers especially, The Pastoral Surreal

hippity happity hippity happity -The Urban Surreal

acute pangs absurdity stitched inside wily fabricated pitter patter - keepin it Surreal Humor. 

Surreal Amore comes and goes constantly answering hotly contested questions a nasty mess of alienating emotional contortions 

in a pigs eye asleep at wheel snooting over The Lumpen Surreal.


#52: crazy agent k at large in west l.a.
#76: a public health bulletin
#19: hasta la vista, fashionista!

#28: hip-store beacon *

#14: time bomb city
#56: the gotham city blues*
#15: scraggly

#11: suicidal strategies
#36: defiantly ascendant

#63: the clarion call of industrial resolve
#67: someplace south of kyrgysztan
#77: americanski corporat inc
#37: creep-a-mangus shopping mall
#41: it's a time of callous indifference
#66: bushwacking

#31: shipping out
#75: fashion roundup
#74: grosz, that peerless social critic

#97: objects du' fart
#40: the philosopher's parting shot
#25: the bad poets' fandango
#85: flippant - behavior pattern pinball

#99: concert composure
#45: the adventures of dog faced artboy

* indicates presence of video footage; go to these pages to watch and hear the author perform his work.

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